Whitsundays Sailing Overnight Trips

The reason sailing is so popular in the Whitsundays is because of the stunning collection of 74 National Park islands, within the Great Barrier Reef. Featuring the famous Heart Reef and fringing reef gardens and coral bays, you can join one of the best Whitsundays Sailing Tours to find that perfect way to experience this stunning part of the world.

And, of course, Whitehaven Beach! Sailing amongst these islands begs adventure and luxury, azure waters, secluded beaches and mooring bays.

Discovered and named by Captain James Cook in 1770, he and his men would have come across the Ngaro people,cap seafarers and islanders that live on the islands many thousands of years earlier when the islands were mountains and the outer reef was the actual coastline!

Learn to sail at the Whitsundays Sailing club or take your own luxury catamaran out with the #GoBareBoating group.

After your bareboating brief and food provisioning, you can set out towards the Whitsundays sunset. You can even go bareboating without a boat licence or hire a skipper to guide you around the islands for the ultimate relaxation and local knowledge.

With new mooring around the Whitsundays, choose one of 147 public moorings to park by and enjoy your own private slice of paradise.

For liveaboard and the real slice of the sailor’s life, the Whitsundays offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 -night sailing options or day trips.

Take to the riggings of a-Rockin’ boat party, snorkel or dive from a single hull sailing boat, just like Captain Cook’s. Or, for a more refined experience, have the host pop open the bubbles and banquet of cheese, fresh tropical fruit and local seafood on a white catamaran.

Then plan your hikes and kayaking spots for the following day.

Helpful Hints
Helpful Hints

Helpful Info All overnight sailing options off all-inclusive deals for your accommodation, meals, snacks and water activities included.

Please note most of the boats are not licensed and you will need to buy your own alcohol before you board (the night before for early departures) and remember there’s a strict NO glass and NO Red wine policy.

Due to Queensland law, there is no alcohol for sale prior to 10 am and no alcohol to be consumed before any water activities.